Our Activities



Khalid Al Ghurair is renowned for its international business arrangement for LPG & LNG supplies. Company has internationally accepted clientele in the supply industry.


Khalid Al Ghurair is a leading international general trading company that supply soyabean in wholesale.


As an integral part of wholesale industry, Khalid Al Ghurair Group have established a good will by satisfying consumer needs. Khalid Al Ghurair Group is the UAE 's largest brand market place of sugar at wholesale price. Our parent company have inhouse brand Al Khaleej Sugar.


Food products needs a sound understanding of packaging and product promotion.The packaging has to be both hygenic and customer attracting. We ensure quality and hygenic food products.


Khalid Al Ghurair Group is one of the major global distributor for minerals and fertilizers. Khalid Al Ghurair Group has aligns with renowned mines and manufacturers which enables the group to be the best competent in the global market.



Curtain-wall is the fastest growing and most innovative form of glass skin in construction. It surely is the foundation of the future building envelope design. It provides architects & designers the freedom to create unique Envelope solutions. A curtain-wall is defined as thin, usually aluminum framed wall containing in-fills of glass or metal panels. The framing is attached to building structure and does not carry the floor or roof loads of the building. Glass Curtain walls can be classified by their method of fabrication and installation. Designs for large buildings are almost always customized to individual project requirements. Creativity in curtain-wall design can transform building's facade into an iconic landmark of the city. They are unique, aesthetically pleasing and serves as barrier to elements. Its considered as one of most influential development in the history of modern architecture.


It is one of the most recognizable components of modern cities and building entrances. Modern structures feature creative and extremely efficient curtain-wall systems comprising of light weight and durable materials such as glass and aluminum composite panels. A wide variety of materials and designs are available to meet different requirements. The canopies we have designed are some of the most unique and difficult features of our projects. Many elements like ACP's, louvers, glass and routels come together to create works of art.


Aluminum Composite Panel: Aluminum can be painted in any kind of color, and ACPs are produced in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble. The core is commonly low density polyethylene, or a mix of low density polyethylene and mineral material to exhibit fire retardant properties.

Aluminum Louvers: Aluminum Louvers are designed to allow air into the building while keeping out unwanted elements. Louvered equipment screens also reduce wind loading on structural framing (compared to solid panels) and add an architectural element to the building. It also blocks the entry of direct sunshine into the building.

Handrails: Our Handrails division specializes in production and installation of stainless steel, Point Fixed Handrails. We manufacture a comprehensive selection of posts and railings that combines durability with innovative designs and engineering, applicable for both commercial and residential buildings.